Engagement Ring Sets off Alarms in Empire State Building

A surprise wedding proposal was almost ruined when metal detectors went off after the engagement ring in John Turner’s pocket triggered the alarms in the Empire State Building in New York.

John, who is a former Olympian and Bolton wrestling coach had once said to his fiancée Lynne Schofield that one day he would put a ring on her finger at the top of the world famous 1,250ft high skyscraper; but over the years Lynne had forgotten his promise and was not aware she was about to be proposed to as they rode in the lift to the top of the building.

John had luckily managed to show the ring to a female security guard and told her of his plans and she even played along with him by stating it was his shoes that must have set off the alarms as he walked through the security controlled areas.

After they had walked round the observatory on the 86th floor John placed his arm around Lynne’s shoulders and quietly asked her if he could put the ring on her finger. Around thirty spectators had stopped to listen and started to applaud when she accepted.

The Empire State Building has been the sight of romance in countless Hollywood movies and hundreds of proposals have taken place on the top of this iconic building that on the 29th April 2011 it was lit up in red, white and blue at sunset in celebration of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

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Blue Sapphires Popular for Engagement Rings

The demand for blue sapphires has risen by thirty eight percent in the last six months since the engagement ring that was once The Princess of Wales’s was given to our future Queen, The Duchess of Cambridge on her engagement to Prince William.

Although royal jewellers Garrard have declined to comment on where the blue sapphire stone originated from , the Gem and Jewellery Association in Sri Lanka firmly believe it came from their country over thirty years ago.

Gem markets in Sri Lanka have suffered a severe dip in exports but since the demand had risen for the blue sapphires it is thankfully starting to grow again brining in revenue to the value of $48m in just six month.

Udaya Angammana who is the owner of two gem pits said that one of his pits where he employs six men has only managed to yield around thirty thousand rupees during the last month and a lot of pits have completely dried up.

Even though some pits have had to close down the gem industry is more than capable to meet the supply of international markets with the cost of almost $17,000 per gram for an ordinary sapphire.

The best Sapphires from Sri Lankan are known are Ceylon Sapphires and have nick names of ‘cat’s eyes.  These
beautiful gems are also found in colours of pink and yellow.

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Bride, Father of the Bride and Five Bridesmaids all Pile on Local Bus

From a horse and carriage  to a tractor, many Brides have opted from the more traditional way of travelling to their wedding ceremony to the unusual and bizarre, and twenty five year old Eve Lewis was no different when she used her local bus that stopped right outside her family home.

Passengers on the number 57 route watched as the Bride, her father and five bridesmaids all piled onto the bus which thankfully got them on time to the church that was in the Royal Marine’s Lympstone training base.

Her father who is in the Royal Marines had to get special permission to board the bus from the Stagecoach Company as he would be wearing his full uniform complete with ceremonial sword.

Thankfully the Bride and her five bridesmaids all dressed in pink were able to find vacant seats and the passengers were thrilled to be a part of the big day.

Trish who is student nurse at college in Manchester thought it would be fun and has always liked to do things just that little bit different and the savings of hiring a wedding car made it all so much better!

Newlyweds Mr and Mrs Michaela Moulton-Brady from Devon decided to take the plane to Marrakesh, Morocco for their honeymoon.

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Surprise SkyDive for Bride Minutes Before Wedding Ceremony

When thirty one year old Jackie Burns agreed to sit back and let her partner plan and arrange the whole wedding day little did she know  their wedding would be the most wackiest and bizzare wedding ever to be seen on the TV series of Don’t Tell the Bride – not to mention the whole day being a massive roller coaster from start to finish.

The first of Jackie’s many surprises of the day was when her wedding car stopped at Strathallan Airfield where she was asked to ‘kit-up’ in preparation to go sky-jumping.  Bride-to-be Jackie had spent over three hours getting ready for her wedding day and after the shock and fear had subsided she carried out the sky jump with her bridesmaid Rosie Once safely back on ground and even though her hair and make up was completely disheveled, Jackie admitted the jump was amazing and said she forgave John for arranging it.

Arriving at Strathallan Castle and before the wedding ceremony took place, Jackie used her bouquet to hit John for getting her so wound up but then said it was one of the best things she had ever done.

More surprises followed when arriving at the wedding reception as John had decorated the venue in Christmas decorations and had a nose shaped wedding cake because Jackie has often said she wants a nose job.

Groom John had even spent almost two thousand pounds of the twelve thousand pounds given to him by the BBC series to fly over Jackie’s best friend Rosie from Australia because she would not have been able to afford it and would have missed the wedding.

The couple enjoyed every part of their wedding day and say they would not change a thing of how it went – although Jackie would change how John arranged her Hen Night.  He spent just one hundred pounds on subway tickets for Jackie and her hens to go a pub crawl while he flew him and his stags to Berlin.

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Couple Start off Married Life ‘On the Rocks’

A couple will start out their married live literally ‘on the rocks’ as they exchange their vows before plunging twenty feet into the sea dressed in wet suits.

Bride-to-be Becky Watkinson and her fiancé Samson Hutson will be joined by family and friends who will have to swim part of the distance to get to the rocks in Ilfracombe and some will even be jumping into the sea with the newlyweds after the wedding ceremony has taken place, including the vicar!

Samson’s father can’t swim but is determined to join in the fun by wearing a lifejacket and floating in the sea and Becky’s eighty year old granddad who is very fit and swims at least once a week is really excited about it.

Grandmother to the Bride-to-be is not so excited about it and although will still be on the rock with the wedding party, she will travel  back and forward on a boat.

Becky is planning on wearing a white tutu over her black wet suit and her two bridesmaids will also be donning tutus but theirs will be pink.

The couple who are experienced coasteering instructors as well as kayaking, surfing and climbing and are well aware of the dangers and have taken everything into consideration to enable their wedding ‘plunge’ to go without a hitch.

The wedding party will be served hot tea and pasties back at the beach and then later that evening there is to be a pirate themed wedding reception at the local yacht club.

Author - Pauline

EastEnder Actress Wants To Watch her Wedding Flowers Die

Two days after the cancelled wedding of East Ender star Jessie Wallace the wedding flowers that cost £3,500 were all delivered to her home in Surrey so she could ‘watch them die’ in the same way her lost love has died.

Actress Jessie who plays fiery Kat Moon in the TV series cancelled her wedding just a few hours before the ceremony after she found out her groom-to-be Vince Morse had sent his ex lover text messages that contained photographs of Jessie in explicit poses.

Now the aftermath of the wedding that never took place seems to be turning into a ‘War of the Roses’ plot as both partners demanded the £20.000 worth of booze that had been ordered for the wedding was delivered to their respective addresses.

Vince has been trying to contact Jessie via texts and phone calls; none of which has been accepted to the point that Jessie is on the point of calling the police to report him for harassment.

Fifty year old jilted Vince has been desperate to talk to Jessie as he feels just five minutes spent with her would give him time to explain his actions but Jessie is so upset and angry that she refuses to have anything more to do with her partner of three years.

Jessie will still be going on the honeymoon trip the couple had planned to Greece and will be taking her six year old daughter Tallulah in Vince’s place.

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My Big Fat Fraudulent Wedding

When Peter Sutton was invited to a former employer’s no expense spared lavish wedding his suspicions were aroused because twenty nine year old Kirsty Lane was always pleading poverty when she worked at the Leyland firm.

During the four years that Kirsty had work for Peter’s company her wages had been increased because of her financial struggle and she was even loaned seven thousand pounds to help her out.

It was when a few days later during a routine accounts check that alarms bells were triggered which caused the company to delve deeper into the discrepancies in the accounts and it was discovered that Kirsty Lane has stolen £168.00 0 during her time as a part-time accounts clerk.

Invoices from existing supplies had been made out with payments going direct into Kirsty’s bank account Lane stole £168,000 from the company in Leyland, Lancashire where she’d worked for four years by falsifying invoices in her role as a part-time accounts clerk and was found guilty at Leyland Magistrates Court of fraud and is due to be sentenced next month.

The lavish wedding that was paid with from the stolen money consisted of two bands, a DJ, face painting, harpist, saxophone player, magician, a fireworks show, a free bar and gifts of feathered masks for all the wedding guests.

The newlyweds went to the Lake District on a ‘mini-honeymoon’ but had planned to go on a two month honeymoon to Mexico a few weeks after the wedding. Lane was arrested as they were preparing to go on their second honeymoon.

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Wedding Date Wins Over Football Match

When thirty three year old James Bigg’s planned his wedding with fiancé Tany Wutschert they booked it on a weekend that no football matches would clash with their chosen date but their plans have come unstuck as Norwich City’s first home match has now been switched.

The change of match dates is due to Norwich City being promoted to the Premier League and the couple who now live in Canada had planned for over a year with family and friends so that none of them would miss out on the wedding or their favourite football teams match.

James was also looking forward to actually seeing a match take place instead of listening to it on the radio and some of their family and friends who have season tickets will be disappointed at not being able to cheer on their team.

The couple who live in Canada are having their wedding at Sprowstone Manor in Norwich because they want their family and friends to celebrate their special day with them and everything was taking into consideration, except for Norwich City being moved into the Premier League!

They had all purchased tickets for the football match that was due to be held the day after the wedding and were intending to make it a great occasion to round off a fabulous weekend.

A Groom’s perfect weekend of a wedding one day and a football match the next is most mens ideas of a dream come true and it makes it even more harder when close family and friends will also miss out on one special day.  Good job they made the right choice on which day to miss out on!

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First ‘Gay’ Wedding Held in Communist Cuba

For years gay, bisexual, lesbians and transgender people have suffered discrimination in Cuba where same sex marriages are illegal but after undergoing a sex change, thirty seven year old Wendy Iriepa is now recognised as a woman and communist Cuba saw its first ‘gay’ wedding held last week.

New Bride Wendy had the operation back in 2007 after a series of reformed gay rights were introduced by President Raul Castro.  Many gays had previously been sent to camps to be re-educated in the more info

hope of stamping out their ‘counter-revolutionary’ values.

The wedding ceremony between a gay man and a transsexual woman certainly caused some onlookers to stop and start while pictures were taken outside the registry office, with a host of guests from members of the gay community as well as prominent dissidents.

Many now believe this wedding ceremony that was held on the former leader Fidel Castro’s birthday is a positive step forward for the Cuba gay community.

Last year Fidel Castro himself apologised for the persecution of homosexuals under his rule, calling it a “great injustice”. 

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Engaged and Married within Hours at Surpise Wedding

When thirty two year old Colleen was proposed to little did she know her wedding was only a few hours away as new fiancé Shawn had been secretly planning the surprise wedding for almost a year after asking Colleen what dreams she had for their wedding.

Her best friend, who had gone on holiday with them, had told her they were going to a party that evening and convinced Colleen to get her hair and make-up done and when they arrived at the club Shawn was ready with an engagement ring that once belonged to her  grandmother.

The stunned yet elated Bride-to-be was then taken to a room where the black and white wedding dress that she had picked out months before was hanging up along with a matching black feather fascinator to complete her bridal outfit.

Colleen was amazed to see hanging paper lanterns hanging from all the trees and her chosen music of ‘I Want to Hold your Hand’ as  she walked very tearfully up the aisle and had an even bigger surprise to see her family and friends all there to  help them celebrate her dream wedding.

What a wonderful romantic story and certainly one to tell future generations.  How many men do you think would plan a surprise wedding and how many women would be happy with it?  Whatever the amount, it was Colleen’s dream wedding and just how she wanted it.



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