Registrar Wins Right To Refuse Same Sex Weddings

how-gaywedding-main_full.jpgA Christian registrar who refused to perform same-sex civil partnership unions because she believes that same sex marriage is “sinful” has won her claim for discrimination.

 An employment tribunal found Islington council in north London discriminated against Lillian Ladele who was threatened with dismissal when she asked to be excused from conducting same sex marriage ceremonies.

Ms Ladele, who has worked  as a registrar for  15 years, said she held ” Christian beliefs” about marriage and same-sex unions and was  unhappy to perform civil partnerships. She asked to be excused from them because there were other registrars who could conduct the services.

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One Response to “Registrar Wins Right To Refuse Same Sex Weddings”

  1. jenny on July 11th, 2008 2:17 pm

    i think thats her rights and if thats what she thinks thats her choice,no ones got the right to tell her diffrent,i personally have nothing against it but its everyone to there own!!

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