Getting Married Abroad – Thanks a Bunch!

ws-stef-03.jpgWe heard on the grapevine that some friends were getting married so when one day a posh envelope arrived with the post I opened it with excited anticipation – that excitement pretty soon turned to sadness…. and then a hint of anger…. and then some resentment thrown in.

Why the reaction?

My friend had decided to get married in Cyprus?!?  Now, if her or her H2B, or their parents or even another close relative had been a Cypriot it might have been understandable – but none of them are.

It looked to me like they had decided to get married in another country to avoid the cost of paying for their friends and family to attend their wedding. 

This would have been fine if they had not invited me to the wedding, but to send out an invitation for a wedding that is during the school term, knowing that we can’t really afford to go was just plain rude!

If she had wanted to have her friends and family at her wedding she should have planned it for the UK – not in another country!

I really wish she had no bothered inviting us – she had better not expect a wedding gift!!

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2 Responses to “Getting Married Abroad – Thanks a Bunch!”

  1. jenjen on July 16th, 2008 8:16 am

    To be honest im a bit offended by this post and also if you were my friend id be glad you wouldnt be coming to my wedding if thats your attitude to someones decision to their happiest day of their life!!!

    I chose to marry abroad, yes firstly because of the costs, two to guarantee the weather and 3 because i cant stand traditional weddings so wanted something different.

    All my guests are happy they are coming to Italy and are looking at it as their holiday, not just our wedding. No one has been offended or annoyed that im marrying abroad to my knowledge and even if they were offended i wouldnt care less.

    Its our wedding and we do it how we want not how our guests expect us to!!!!!!

  2. SarahBeth on July 16th, 2008 8:49 am

    I see both sides of this. We didn’t send out invites to our wedding in Italy purely because we didn’t think people would want to pay all of that money to come and see us married. Plus it means only the people who want to be there for us will be there.

    Quite a few people showed interest and now there are 25 of us going out but when they showed interest we simply said that we’d love it if they could come but would understand if the didn’t due to cost etc.

    I think saying getting married abroad to save money is a bit of an assumption. There are so many other things you have to pay for out there. We’re not saving anything but we’re getting a lot more quality and quantity for our money as far as food, drink, flowers etc. go.

    TBH you should feel priviledged to have an invite in the 1st place and politely decline!

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