Couple from Newport go Back in Time for Their Wedding

In honour of the Second World War and its era, Lyndon and Chris Hales took a trip back in time for their wedding day which was themed on the 1940′s.

Lyndon and Chris met thirty five years ago while out in Newport one evening but only just decided to tie the knot and wanted their day to be fun as well as something different. They found parts of their outfits in London and other bits were donated by friends and on the day, sixty one year old Lyndon who is a retired BT worker even wore an original trilby they had found at a shop in Camden.

Chris’s outfit was put together with help from her friends along with a House of Fraser suit that she managed to find and even the guests got into the mood by wearing items such as stockings and spats.

The couple were married at Newport Registry Office on Saturday 6th May and celebrated their reception in the Masonic Hall with one hundred family members and friends. In keeping with their old style theme they even gave their guests bread and butter pudding. The couple will be honeymooning in Norway.

Author - Pauline


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