Mama Mia! Wedding Take Two

When most of us think about the movie Mama Mia! we picture in our heads the absolutely breathtaking scenery of the stunning Greek island it was filmed on. The dream location was just what Sharon Lawrence from Colchester wanted for her big day!

Pretty much all of us have seen the film. We have tapped our feet to the wonderful music and smiled at the corny jokes and even cried when the mother sang about her daughter growing up and one or two hearts probably began racing seeing the beautiful men, and women, moving around like the dancing queens we all want to be.

Twenty eight year old Sharon, after seeing the film with friends last year, knew as soon as it was over that she had just seen her dream wedding up on the screen and began the planning for her exotic wedding.

Sharon and thirty three year old Kevin were married in Skiathos, one of the Greek Sporades Islands with Abba music playing in the background. Kevin objected to Sharon dancing down the aisle to the famous ‘Dancing Queen’ song but still the bride, groom and their guests had an amazing time.

More and more couples are being married in Greece since the film began and with the hot temperature and the romantic locations who can blame them. Wedding planners have begun offering packages which include the theme of the film even down to the donkey ride!

Author - Pauline


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