Hundred Year Old Family Heirloom

All brides try to following the long time tradition of having something old and something blue at their wedding. For some it could be a blue garter borrowed from a friend or perhaps an old hair pin that your mother wore at her wedding. One bride recently carried with her an item that had been in her family for years and was almost a hundred years old!

Twenty eight year old identical twin Liz Williams from Halstead carried a very old prayer book with her down the aisle when she married her husband Tim. The book belonged to Ella Wingrave her great grandmother and she was carrying on a family tradition as both her mother and her aunty also carried the book when they got married.

Inside the book is a message from Charlie Wingrave her great grandfather. Charlie had given it to Ella on their wedding day on the 18th of September 1918. Liz who now lives in Bromley was happy to carry the book as it meant a lot to her.

The couple were married in Beckenham at St Barnabas Church where Tim’s father, a vicar from Wales, was also involved in the wedding ceremony when he served communion for the congregation.

Author - Pauline


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