Jilted Groom Finally Weds

One of the worst things you could imagine is being jilted before your wedding but for one man from America, Grant Schildhouse, he was actually dropped by his bride-to-be twice and yet he still married his fiancée!

The couple met while Judy was on holiday with her family in America and they spent their time between the States and Southampton. After a whirlwind romance, Judy was swept away by the marriage proposal she received and their first wedding was organised at a cost of ten thousand pounds. With only a month to go before the wedding Judy decided that she was unable to go through with it and called it off. Feeling guilty about her decision they arranged their wedding for the second time, this time at a cost of fifteen thousand pounds but less than two months to go and Judy again called the wedding off.

After Judy’s decision the couple went their separate ways and Grant returned to America but after a few months apart, Judy finally realised that she did in fact want to be married and flew to America to ask Grant to be her husband and after much convincing Grant agreed.

Many of Grant’s family from the States did not come to the wedding after understandably being displeased at having to purchase long haul flights for weddings that did not take place. It was definitely third time lucky for twenty six year old Grant when he married twenty five year old Judy in front of their two hundred guests.

Author - Pauline


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