Vampire Bride and Groom with Werewolf Witness

Vampire fanatics Alex and Nigel decided to forego the traditional wedding of white dress and morning suit and went for a totally vampire themed day complete with fangs. Their guests came in fancy dress as well as their ‘werewolf’ witness with huge hairy hands and a full head mask with fur and red eyes.

Dressed in a red and black dress bride and mother of three Alex had been married before and wanted to have a completely different wedding day with the fun aspect of dressing up for everybody.

She said ”It was an absolutely fantastic day. We told all our guests to wear fancy dress, and everyone made such an effort. I couldn’t have asked for more”

The registrar was totally shocked when bride and groom along with guests dressed as skeletons, witches and vampires walked through the doors but soon composed himself to hold the ceremony and had to request the bride and groom to remove their fangs while saying the vows.

In true vampire style the wedding party toasted the bride and groom with red wine instead of the more traditional champagne.

Bride in Underwear Found on Website

Bride Sara Bostwick was stunned when her husband found pictures of her in her underwear on the photographer’s website two months after their wedding.

Photographer Carolyn Monastra who works for the high-society Christian Oth Studio in New York was specifically told not to take any pictures of the bride in her underwear while getting ready the morning of the wedding!

The studio has since taken down the photographs that the New York Post has said caused Sara to “suffer severe emotional injuries, including post-traumatic stress disorder” but they can still be seen by means of an access code.

It was only when Sara’s husband was looking at the Christian Oth Studio’s website that he came across pictures of his wife in her underwear as well as various stages of undress that led to the suit being filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Goth Bride Beaten on Wedding Day

gothic-bride.jpgIn Sheffield on Halloween night, a young bride was viciously set upon by a group of kids on her wedding day and savagely beaten just because she did not confirm to their idea of a normal bride!

Twenty one year old Lucy Emmingham is a Goth and was proudly wearing a black dress and pink hair. Her groom, twenty six year old Edward had a Mohican and her bridesmaids also wore black on the day. After being married at Sheffield Registry Office they proceeded to walk through Sheffield for about a mile before reaching their venue for the wedding reception. The couple, along with two hundred guests, enjoyed their evening but as Lucy was leaving her wedding reception with her new husband she was rudely insulted by three men who turned malicious when asked to stop.

Lucy was punched during her assault and was also pushed down a flight of steps which resulted in her being knocked out for a few minutes. She was left shaken with bruises, cuts and even a black eye. Lucy was forced to spend the night in hospital after her attack when she should have been celebrating her wedding night with her newly married husband. Thankfully Lucy was well enough to go on her honeymoon to Turkey.

Police in South Yorkshire are looking for witnesses and are currently searching CCTV images for clues to the men’s identities.

Seventy Years of Marriage

churchA married couple from Harlow have achieved something that most newly married couples can only dream about, they have been married for seventy years and have reached the ‘platinum anniversary’ milestone in the traditional gift list!

Ninety two year old Alf Brill and his wife, ninety four year old Lily met in Stepney in east London when they were just teenagers. Alf had a friend who used to live next door to Lily and he would sometimes talk over the fence to her when he visited. Lily stated that she thought Alf was interested in her sister not her but still the couple chatted and went for walks together when they could.

For some reason, the pair lost touch and it was almost five years later before they saw each other again. They both happened to be attending a dance held at the Hammersmith Palais and they bumped into each other and from that moment on they were a couple.

After being married, the young couple began their lives together in Stoke Newington before moving to Harlow where they have lived for just over twelve years now and together they have three children, Selma and two sons, Colin and Paul. Their extended family consists of fourteen grandchildren, almost thirty great grandchildren and up till now six great, great grandchildren.

Their anniversary party took place in Epping Green at the Travellers Friend with their family.

Teenager Attacks Wedding Photographer

The wedding photographer is usually someone that guests do not notice, he, or she, blends in with the crowd and continues to take pictures or video the happy couple and most guests are unaware that they are being filmed. During a wedding that was taking place in September this year at a four star hotel in St Albans a teenager savagely attacked a wedding photographer injuring him in the process!

Nineteen year old Charles Lovelock from Stevenage who is believed to have been drunk at the time left Stephen Stacey the photographer and DJ with serious injuries following the attack. Stephen had to have a hernia operation after he was set upon by the youth while he was having a cigarette break towards the end of the evening.

The wedding took place at the Sopwell House Hotel and after being assaulted, Stephen was left lying in bushes outside while witnesses claim that Charles seemed to be delighted with his actions. Mr Lovelock was identified the following morning after the photographer was taken to hospital for treatment.

Earlier this month at St Albans Crown Court, Charles was found guilty of his charges of grievous bodily harm and is due to be sentenced later this month.

Carrie Yeo Sample Sale – Now On

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All of the accessories listed on this page have been worn by models or have been used at aphoto shoot but they are all in perfect condition.

Not all items that go on photo shoots make it into the sample sale so these are one off offers. Once they are gone, they are gone!

Wedding Night Allergy Discovery

Wedding Ring and HandsA couple from America are due to appear on a TV programme this month after a strange occurrence happened on their wedding night in 2005.

Like any newly married couple ending their special day together with an enjoyable wedding night the aim is to celebrate their union and dream about their wonderful future together. For a woman in Pennsylvania, her wedding night was a very memorable occasion when she discovered, quite painfully, that she was allergic to her husband’s sperm. This condition is known as seminal plasma hypersensitivity.

Twenty six year old Julie Boyde and her husband, twenty seven year old Mike had been together for two years before getting married and up until their wedding night the pair had always used protection. Given that they had just got married and planned to spend the rest of their lives together they decided that night not to use protection and straight away Julie was doubled over in agonizing pain.

Since their wedding night discovery, the couple from Ambridge in Pennsylvania have decided to adopt and are currently undergoing assessment.

Wedding Guest Falls from Balcony

shattered-heartA guest attending a wedding reception recently in the south west of Ireland accidently fell from a balcony and was tragically killed!

Thirty nine year old Noel Roche, a publican from Knocknagoshel in County Kerry was attending the wedding at the Ballyroe Heights Hotel which is outside of Tralee also in County Kerry when the accident happened. After his unfortunate fall he was taken to Kerry General Hospital for treatment but the medical staff there were unable to save him and it is believed that Noel’s organs will be donated.

Noel, a keen rugby player was remembered not only by his wife Michelle along with Larry, Clodagh and Megan his three children but also the community of Knocknagoshel where he lived and worked and Abbeyfeale where Noel originally came from. His family and friends are shocked and devastated by his untimely death!

The hotel where the accident occurred expressed its sympathy to Noel’s family.

Eleven Year Old Bride and Mother

red-rose.jpgAll little girl’s dream of being a bride and a mummy but this is the reality for an eleven year old girl from Bulgaria who recently gave birth on the same day that she got married to her nineteen year old boyfriend!

While being married in a ceremony spanning three days to Jeliazko Dimitrov, eleven year old Kordeza Zhelyazkova was forced to leave her own wedding to take a trip to the hospital where she gave birth to a daughter, Violeta who weighed just over five pounds. Following the birth and after spending some time getting to know her little baby, the young girl re-dressed into her wedding outfit and continued with the wedding ceremony.

Kordeza was just ten years old when she became pregnant and did not know for a while that she had actually fallen pregnant until her grandmother suggested that was the cause of her weight gain. Kordeza met her new husband at school while she was out playing in the school yard. Kordeza has stated that now she is a mother she will not be returning to school but will be looking after her child, who she describes as a new toy, full time.

Jeliazko quite rightly faces charges for sleeping with his underage bride!

Wedding Cake Mix Up

Imagine how horrified you would feel if your wedding cake fell off the table, or tasted just awful? For one couple from West Wales, they were shocked to discover that their wedding cake tasted less than alright as it was in fact made from polystyrene!

Twenty seven year old Aimee West and her new husband, twenty six year old Tony had been married in Cyprus before having a wedding reception a week later at home in Llanelli. With only hours to go before the newlyweds were due to cut into their cake at the reception held in Pembrey in Carmarthenshire at the Ashburnham Hotel they realised that their cake had not been cooked. They contacted the supplier who informed them that they would have a cake for them in time for the reception but the one that they received was made from polystyrene with a layer of chocolate icing on the top.

The pretty looking sponge cake was made by Creative Cakes and was three tiers high and was covered in dark and white chocolate flowers and icing and cost the couple two hundred and seventy pounds. They took the bakers to court and received over three hundred pounds in compensation.

A representative from Creative Cakes, Karen Williams, stated that she did inform the couple that the cake she would be delivering would be artificial and she did offer them a refund but they decided to take her to court anyway.

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