Mass Valentine Wedding

Couples who like the idea of sharing their special day with others in a joint or big wedding will certainly enjoy the experience of getting married with many other couples on one of the most romantic days of the year!

The City of Makati in the Philippines is to hold a mass wedding ceremony on Valentines Day at the Museum and Cultural Affairs Office. The City’s government has stated that it will sponsor the mass wedding as a gift to all the couples that live in the famous financial district who are unmarried.

The City’s Mayor, Jejomar Binay and his wife Elenita who is a former Mayor, will officiate at the ceremonies with some of the government’s department heads and councilors serving as secondary sponsors.

Those couples who are not married but have children together will benefit from this mass wedding as their children will automatically then be considered ‘legitimate’. Following the wedding service, any couples who take part will then need to apply for a marriage licence at the City’s Registrar Office.

Author - Pauline


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