Wedding Photos Dumped on Tip

When a wedding photo is accidently destroyed or lost it can seem like the end of the world and for one couple in County Durham this became a reality when all of their photographs were lost on a dumping ground!

Fifty one year old Michael Punshon and his wife Margaret from Newton Aycliffe were using a garage for storage while part of their house was being decorated. Sedgefield Borough Homes, a housing company, had employed contractors to clear a garage but they had got the addresses mixed up.

Mr Punshon had tried to gain access to their garage when he realised that the locks had been changed and it was only after contacting the police as well as the housing company that they discovered the garage was empty.

All of their possessions, which amounted to approximately five hundred pounds had been dumped at the County Durham tip. The couple have lost many sentimental items including their grandson’s bike as well as their wedding photos.

A representative from Sedgefield Borough Homes, Mr Wayne Harris, has apologised to the couple and stated that an investigation will be carried out. The couple will be compensated for their loss but nothing will bring those memorable photographs back!

Win Gel Cushions & £100 Voucher to Buy Your Dream Heels!

love-your-shoesStill looking for your gorgeous wedding shoes? Worried your feet won’t cope for the whole day?

Love Your Shoes is giving one bride the chance to win a £100 Debenhams voucher to choose those dream heels together with a set of four of their gel products that cushion your feet so you can walk comfortably down the aisle and through to the last dance…

Four runners up will receive a complete set of Love Your Shoes gel pads.

These magical, well cushioned slim line gels are adhesive, washable and reusable. Plus they come in a handy protective case, so you can store them easily and hygienically whilst on the move.

Four types of gels in the Love your shoes range:

  • Ball of Foot Gel Cushions – provide blissful relief from burning ball of foot pain
  • Invisible Gel Heel Cushions – provide soothing relief of heel pain
  • Invisible Gel Heel Guards – provide relief from sore heel rubbing and stop shoes from slipping
  • Invisible Gel Spots – provide extra relief for any sensitive spots on your tootsies

There’s no need to suffer in silence, take control, tame your heels and love them for longer – all through your wedding day!

The Love your Shoes range start from £3.99 and are available from Superdrug and leading pharmacies.


To enter this competition simply sign up to the Wedding Chaos Newsletter and look out for further details!

Mass Valentine Wedding

Couples who like the idea of sharing their special day with others in a joint or big wedding will certainly enjoy the experience of getting married with many other couples on one of the most romantic days of the year!

The City of Makati in the Philippines is to hold a mass wedding ceremony on Valentines Day at the Museum and Cultural Affairs Office. The City’s government has stated that it will sponsor the mass wedding as a gift to all the couples that live in the famous financial district who are unmarried.

The City’s Mayor, Jejomar Binay and his wife Elenita who is a former Mayor, will officiate at the ceremonies with some of the government’s department heads and councilors serving as secondary sponsors.

Those couples who are not married but have children together will benefit from this mass wedding as their children will automatically then be considered ‘legitimate’. Following the wedding service, any couples who take part will then need to apply for a marriage licence at the City’s Registrar Office.

Wedding Caterer Fined

red-rose.jpgFollowing the death of a man at a wedding that could have been avoided, the wedding caterer involved has been fined over four hundred thousand pounds.

The Sikh wedding took place in August 2003 in London at the Ramgarhia Temple in Forest Gate with over five hundred guests in attendance. Kuldip Singh Bhamra had an allergy to eggs which he was aware of. He and his wife had travelled down from Birmingham to attend the wedding. Mr Bhamra did not take his adrenalin pens certain that he would not be affected as their religion did not eat eggs.

Prem Dubb, the caterer is also a Sikh and it was reported that during the event he found that he was down on supplies so obtained a dessert called ras malai from an outside source. The dessert contained eggs and after consuming the pudding, Mr Bhamra went into a coma but unfortunately three days later he died in hospital. Mr Bhamra was only forty nine years old.

While there is no obligation for caterers to warn about eggs being in their dishes, eggs are forbidden within any Sikh temple and therefore Mr Bhamra was within his rights to believe he was safe to eat the pudding.

Prem Dubb was found guilty of negligence in November 2008 at Oxford County Court and was recently ordered by the Court of Appeal to pay a total of £415,000 to Kuldip Singh Bhamra’s widow.

Seventieth Wedding Anniversary

In today’s society, not everyone reaches wedding anniversary milestones such as fifty years or even twenty five years married but for one couple in Port Seton in Edinburgh they have reached their platinum wedding anniversary!

The couple, eighty eight year old Margaret Mack and her husband, ninety two year old Charlie were married seventy years ago in a civil service ceremony in January 1940. They had met two years prior to their wedding when they were both members of a local bike club.

Along with a card from the Queen, they also received from their local minister a blessing from their church which meant a lot to them as they did not have a religious wedding.

Charlie, who worked as a miner and Margaret who was a fish filleter, were blessed with three children, Ellen, Beth and Andrew who went on to give them six grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

The couple are proud of their accomplishment and they celebrated their achievement with a get together with family and friends at the Port Seton Centre. They had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and account their success in marriage down to the fact that they never held a grudge with each other or went to bed not speaking!

Rough Guide To Weddings

rough-guide-to-weddingsThe Rough Guide to Weddings is a practical and down-to-earth guide for modern couples, providing all the advice and information you need to plan your dream day, whether that be a “green” wedding, a Civil Partnership ceremony, an alternative bash, or a traditional church-and-champagne affair. From the practicalities of budgets and venue-booking to the emotional curveballs you’ll be thrown along the way – whether cold feet or mutineering bridesmaids – it will help you pull off your perfect wedding without losing your mind.

Packed with ideas for making your big day both unique and memorable The Rough Guide to Weddings also features credit-crunch-busting tips that could save you hundreds of pounds, no-nonsense advice on etiquette and real-life anecdotes from brides and grooms on the highs and lows of wedding planning, disasters to avoid and top tips to steal. The Rough Guide to Weddings is the ultimate guide to getting hitched.

Well they would say that wouldn’t they!

I thought I had better grab myself a copy and put the claims to the test – not by getting married again, I don’t think the current Wife would approve, but by seeing how the advice stacks up against our own site. It’s not exactly a fair test, as they state themselves, this is a book – and a book can’t have dynamic content and vibrant forums for social interaction – on the other hand it is dangerous to soak in the bath with your laptop!

At 238 pages long you would be right to expect a lot of advice covering all aspects of planning and exercising your wedding – it does not disappoint.

It makes for an easy read, tinged with humour and serious warnings to ensure you don’t make any major mistakes in your planning. The book progresses through in the normal manner, money, roles, guest lists and so on through to the party at the end. It also steps back to take closer looks at the key areas such as flowers, food, photos etc

When the Bath Goes Cold

The book has a liberal sprinkling of links to websites that offer extended information or inspirational ideas so you can always fire up the laptop once the water has gone cold in your bath.

It has been written to appeal to both the US and UK markets and there are many cross references to the way it happens on the other side of the pond, you may find this an interesting aside – but it can easily be skipped if not.

The only real criticism of the book is that I was unable to find a single reference to WeddingChaos – how very dare they!

Seriously, if you like a book that you can hold in your hand and is made from paper then this is a great choice and one I can highly recommend.


A very nice lady called Holly has given me 3 copies to give away as competition prizes to you lucky people :) To enter the competition make sure you sign up to the Wedding Chaos Newsletter and keep an eye on your inbox next week!

If you are not lucky enough to win the competition, or can’t wait, then you can buy the book from Amazon

Children in Need 2009

You may have watched, or maybe you joined in, the Children in Need 2009 fund raising event where charitable people raised and donated over £20 million towards children in need.

On that night I was busy working when I noticed a ‘tweet‘ from Lesley from Lesley Wood Photography

Bids invited, all money 2go2 BBC CHILDRED IN NEED:A 1/2day childrens lifestyle portrait session (in NW UK) & 10×8 framed print-(worth £245!)

Well… Katherine had been asking me for a while if we could have some professional family photos taken so this seemed like an ideal opportunity to donate to Children in Need and score some brownie points with the Wife at the same time  :)

With a few minutes left the bidding had reached £135 – at this point  I decided to step in and offer £180 to Lesley – it was more than we needed to bid but, heh, it’s for Charity and Lesley was giving all her time for free – seemed only fair that we bumped it up a bit  :)

You can read more about it on Lesley’s blog

We are all looking forward to the photo shoot this summer – hoping for a nice day to go to the beach!

Burglar’s Jail Sentence Reduced to attend Daughter’s Wedding

buttonholeA man from Walworth in South London who was being sentenced in London Crown Court had his jail term reduced by the sentencing Judge so that he could go to his estranged daughter’s wedding!

Forty six year old Christopher Taylor is a serial burglar, a drug addict and has had convictions all through his childhood. In order to sustain his addiction he stole almost one thousand pounds worth of computer hardware from a nearby neighbour and faced up to three years in jail.

Christopher’s daughter, who he has not been in touch with for quite a few years, managed to trace her father through Facebook after their separation and invited her dad to her September wedding.

Christopher’s defence lawyer, Mr Timothy Forster stated that Christopher had new hopes for the future following his daughter’s invitation. Judge Duncan Matheson who feels it would be beneficial for Mr Taylor to be reunited with his daughter therefore took into consideration the time Christopher had already served and sentenced him to two years. He will only serve half of that time and will therefore be released from jail before the wedding.

Philip Davies, a Tory MP has commented that the recent sentence given was absurd and that Mr Taylor should not have done the crime in the first place if he had wanted to go to his daughter’s wedding!

Policeman Jailed for Conducting Weddings

Bride with Police GroomA policeman from the Greater Manchester Police Force has been given a jail sentence after he took a ‘second job’ in which he was marrying couples.

Forty nine year old Mohammed Patel from Bolton has been with the Police for twenty three years and in January 2003 he took a second job as a Deputy Registrar for Bolton Council. He was given permission to perform the wedding ceremonies by his employers but he had been restricted to working in certain regions.

At his trial at Manchester Crown Court, it was stated that Mr Patel began spreading his services to a wider area without informing, or in fact getting the permission of his main employer. Not only did Mr Patel sometimes perform these extra services while still officially on duty, he had on occasion called in sick and even used the police car as a means of transport.

The irony to this situation is that the department that Mr Patel worked for in the Police actually looks into misconduct by officers serving in the Police. Mr Patel received a jail sentence of nine months after he pleaded guilty.

Top Gear Wedding Driver

Who wouldn’t want a celebrity look alike at their wedding? One lucky Groom from Derby was surprised by his Bride-to-be when the chauffeur that drove him to the church looked exactly like Stig from the TV programme Top Gear!

Thirty four year old Richard Skidmore, a huge fan of Top Gear, received the lovely surprise from his new wife, thirty one year old Jennifer on the morning of the wedding. He was told to wait at their local pub that morning, the Out of Town Inn located in Ripley and when his car turned up, it was driven by the Stig lookalike. Richard, along with Joshua his seven year old son and his Best man were then chauffeured to the Church in a foxy red Ferrari.

Richard a retail estimator and beauty therapist Jennifer have been together for almost four years and were married at the All Saints Church in Ripley followed by a reception at the Horsley Lodge.

The Stig is famous for his fast driving and testing cars on the show which Richard and his son enjoying watching regularly. Thankfully, while driving to the Church they didn’t receive any speeding tickets along the way!

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