Lucky Religious Wedding Day

The 16th of May which this year is a Sunday, is a very lucky day for any Hindu Bride and Grooms wanting to get married. Today there will be a lot of couples getting hitched in the hope that the luck from such an auspicious day will continue throughout their wedded life together.

The significant date is known as The Akshaya Tritiya which translated from the Hindu language of Sanskrit means never diminishing. Hindus believe that the day brings success and good luck to all those who are joined together and that they will definitely be blessed with prosperity and success.

It is believed that around seventy thousand marriages will take place today in Mumbai with another twenty thousand taking place in Delhi with many more the world over within other Hindu communities.

This certainly will be a busy day for Hindu priests as the next ‘lucky’ day on the Hindu calendar does not take place until November.

Author - Pauline


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