Seamstress Saves the Day

As a blushing Bride made her way to her wedding ceremony, she accidently ripped her dress and a seamstress who happened to be passing by fixed it for her enabling the Bride to carry on with her wedding but now the Bride is anxious to thank her personally!

Forty year old Loretta Atkinson from Biggar in Scotland was travelling to the Peebles Registry Office to marry her partner Steven Ward but as she got out of the car she tripped and the back of her dress was ripped.  It was not noticed however until a passer by mentioned it and luckily, this person was a qualified seamstress.   Even more amazingly lucky, this person, who was called Alex, had some sewing equipment within her bag and sewed up the dress then and there.

Steven and Loretta have been together for seven years and as Loretta’s tear was being fixed, Steven was waiting patiently in the Registry Office for his Bride-to-be getting more concerned with each passing minute until the registrar informed Steven of the situation going on outside.

Loretta thanked Alex for her help and she was given a pin to ‘borrow’ and she continued on with her special day while Alex is believed to have travelled to London.  Loretta now wants to show her appreciation and placed a picture of Alex fixing her dress in a local paper on the off chance that someone will recognise her and pass along her contact details.

Author - Pauline


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