Couples Want to Get Married on 10-10-10

Toronto’s City Hall wedding chamber is fully booked on this magical and lucky day to get married on.  Brides and Grooms-to-be have made doubly sure that they got the date booking and planned well in advance to secure this coveted date!

The ‘coolness’ of the 10-10-10 number on wedding paperwork is another reason these couples are going crazy to be wed at this time.

Normally the wedding chamber is closed on Sundays but with bookings being in such high demand they have decided to open its doors to perform the twenty two weddings that have been booked. 

To cope with the wall-to-wall couples on the day, City Hall have moved to a different venue situated in a hotel across the road.

It is not only in Toronto that Brides and Grooms are scrambling for last minute finds as Registry Offices all over Canada and even Shanghai are reporting a high number of bookings.

The last time so many people got married on a ‘lucky’ number date was on the seventh day of the seventh month during 1977 (7-7-77).  This date was linked to luck and divine intervention!

Author - Pauline


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