Simon Cowell May Never Marry says Louis Walsh

According to the Sun newspaper X Factor judge Louis Walsh has said that in his opinion Simon Cowell will never get married even though he got engaged to Mezhgan Hussainy in earlier this year.

Louise, while a guest on the Graham Norton New Year’s Eve Show told the audience that Simon was too much in love with himself to get married and he really does not have time for anybody else.

Rumours have been rife regarding a date for the wedding ever since the couple got engagement and Simon and Mezhgan have been seen less and less in the public eye for some months now. 

The fifty year old multi-millionaire is as well know for his love of woman as well as his brutal honesty and cutting put-downs on the X Factor television show that he created and when he proposed to Mezhgan in February it came as a shock to many that knew him and how he felt about marriage.

For now, it’s a waiting game to see if Simon will go ahead with the wedding or even how long Mezhgan is willing to wait for him to walk down the aisle.  Maybe the warning he gave to her when he proposed that she may have to wait ten years to get married is enough to keep his fiancee by his side!

Simon Le Bon and Yasmin Celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary

In today’s world of film star’s and celebrities marriages fallen apart after a few short months or a couple of years, it’s refreshing to find that some of the famous still hold true to their wedding vows and the meaning ‘till death do us part’.

Once such couple who are very much in the public eye is singer Simon Le Bon and his wife Yasmin who this week are celebrating their twenty fifth wedding anniversary.

Simon who is lead singer with Duran Duran met Yasmin after seeing her on the cover of a magazine and taking the initiative to ring up the modelling agency to find out who she was and where he could find her.

After twenty five years of marriage and having three children Simon  wrote on his Twitter page they were hanging on and said it was all still worth it.  He went on to tell his fans and well wishers that even after all this time if he wakes before Yasmin he feels lucky to watch her while she sleeps.

Happy twenty fifth wedding anniversary to Simon and Yasmin and we here at Wedding Chaos wish you many more.

Couple Shocked to Find out they Met as Children

Spending her first Christmas with her new husband Stephanie like any other new bride was showing James photographs of herself when she was a small child that had been taken standing next to Santa Claus.

Stephanie was stood next to a small boy from another nursery that had on that day shared the Christmas party with her school over twenty three years ago.

Both of the children were wearing green paper party hats and holding an orange and a small gift and on looking closer at the photograph Stephanie felt the boy next to her looked familiar to her.

Imagine her complete surprise when her husband James announced the little boy was him and they had actually met all those years ago and when they told James’s parents, his mum then produced a photograph identical to Stephanie’s

The couple who believed they had met for the first time in a pub nine years ago had actually met twenty three years ago!

Their photograph has now become a huge talking point and has been given its rightful place on the mantelpiece of their home.

Boxing Day Bride got Stuck in Snow Bound Rolls-Royce

When Bride-to-be Laura Bromley’s luxury Rolls-Royce got stuck in snow and ice on the way to church on Boxing Day the Fourth Worcester Park Scout Group came to her rescue in a four by four vehicle.

After being stuck in the snow bound traffic for almost an hour, Laura was beginning to wonder if she would even get to the church in time for her wedding until Paul Green who is the scout leader and a friend of the bride and groom sent out one of his members to rescue the Bride-to-be.

Unfortunately the vehicle sent to rescue her also got stuck in the snow and Paul and his wife went along in their Landrover which had not been washed since last used and was rather dirty so they wrapped up Laura to stop her getting mucky as well as trying to keep her warm and along with the Bride-to-be’s mother and father and all the bridesmaids they finally managed to get to the church five minutes before the ceremony was due to start.

It was no surprise that Karen was a bit stressed out after her truly white wedding almost ruined her plans and after the ceremony Chris followed the newlyweds Rolls-Royce to the reception ‘just in case’.

Second Royal Engagement Confirmed

Zara Phillips announced her engagement to Mike Tindall yesterday giving the United Kingdom two royal weddings to look forward to.

Rugby player Mike Tindall and The Princess Royal have been together for seven years after meeting in two thousand and three at the Rugby World Cup.

The happy couple have as yet not set a wedding date but after an interview with Hello magazine, Mike said they would choose wisely and not set one too close to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Daughter to Princess Ann and Captain Mark Phillips, Granddaughter to the Queen and sixteenth in line of succession to the thrones of sixteen independent countries, twenty nine year old Zara is an accomplished equestrian and was voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in two thousand and six by the British public.

Kate Silverton a Beaming Bride in the Snow

Bride Kate Silverton had some help holding up her silk wedding dress from the wet snow by two of her wedding guests and her beaming smiles showed the world her happiness of marrying her partner of two years Mike Heron at Fleet Street’s St Brides’ Church.

Forty year old Kate who is a newsreader for the British Broadcasting Corporation posed for pictures with her new husband while being showered with confetti in a stunning ivory wedding dress will lace sleeves.

Mike Heron who is forty three is an ex Royal Marine and now works as a security expert proposed to Kate in the traditional one knee pose while they were on a trip to Rome last year at the Piazza del Popolo and even had a Forevermark engagement ring made especially for Kate.

The blushing bride had once stated that she was not sure if marriage was for her and it had taken her forty years to get to the point after meeting her life partner while they were on a course for BBC Journalists working in war zones.

Bride and Groom Squeeze into a Bubble Car

A newlywed couple left their wedding guests with open mouths as they left their reception to go on their honeymoon in a teeny tiny bubble car.

The Bride struggled for almost fifteen minutes to get inside the car as the train to her wedding was quite long and it took some time and effort to get it folded up and placed inside the car.

Nicky and Ben Williams had decided not to have a traditional Jaguar or Rolls Royce to leave in and instead decided on a three-wheeled electric Peel bubble car with a top speed of ten miles per hour.

Driving away on their honeymoon completes with luggage in the back and tin cans tied on the back of the car gave the couple and their guests some great photographs as well as fantastic memories.

X Factor Winner will Sing at Wedding

Over the last few months, twenty seven year old Matt Cardle from Colchester has been concentrating on giving the best performance possible on the live X Factor shows every Saturday and Sunday nights.  Now that Matt has been crowned the winner of X Factor 2010 and has signed a one million pound contract, he has a busy future ahead of him but he has not forgotten a promise he made to a friend that he would sing at his wedding!

Matt’s friend, Chris Heap is the manager of Matt’s local pub, The Bull located in Halstead where Matt used to work and before Matt entered the competition, he booked Matt, Ali McMillan and Richard Grace who make up the band, Seven Summers, to play at the wedding.

Throughout Matt’s climb to the top, Matt has always stated that he has every intention of honouring his commitment and what a wedding it could turn out to be especially if Matt reaches number one with his song ‘When we Collide’.

Bride Rushes into Smoke Filled House Still in her Wedding Dress

Newlywed Bride Georgette Clemons did not hesitate when she saw a family and their pets trapped inside their house filled with smoke and fire and run into the house dressed in her wedding gown to save them.

While being driven to their reception after saying their wedding vows, Georgette spotted the house in Bridgeport in Connecticut with thick smoke coming out the windows and screamed at the driver to stop the car.

The Eitelberg family will be forever grateful to the hero bride who rushed into the house through the smoke and into the burning house to save them, their two dogs and ferrets before running next door to warn the neighbours there was a fire.

Charles Clemons, Georgette’s new husband told the local newspaper that it all happened so quick and before they knew what was going on his new bride was running towards the burning house in her wedding dress complete with flowers and veil.

Thankfully everybody got out with no injuries and apart from a soot covered wedding dress and ruined shoes, their wedding day was far from ruined and the couple carried on to their honeymoon after talking to the local media.

Shortly after this brave woman who gave no thought to her own safety The Associated Press released a statement that Georgette deserved admiration and respect and she is an inspiration to all. 

But they also gave warning to dial 911 if anybody sees a house on fire and chances are that in this world there is only a slight handful that would consider rushing into a burning building while wearing a wedding gown.

Bride-To-Be had Three Terrible Days of Wedding Disasters

Every Bride-to-be worries that things will go wrong in the lead up to her wedding day and minor events can turn into stressful and nerve racking times but for Melissa Conley she suffered three terrible days all in a row of things going wrong that could have potentially ruined her big day.

The first bad day was on November the fifteenth when the restaurant Harry Carays’ Tavern in Chicago they had chosen and booked to hold their rehearsal dinner just closed its doors with no warning.

The day after Melissa was told that her eight bridesmaids’ dresses had gone missing from the store and to make matter worse her two wedding dresses (one to get married in and the other to change into her reception) had been in the Eva’s Bridals of Oak Lawn shop when a fire broke out, and both dresses had been completely destroyed.

Feeling as if her dream day was not going to take place the philosophical Bride-to-be quickly rallied herself and took it upon herself to track down her bridesmaids’ dresses as well as shopping for two more wedding dresses.

Thankfully Mellissa was then told by the new restaurant owners of Benchwarmers that they would honor her booking to hold her rehearsal dinner.

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