Jailed for Five Years after Faking a Wedding Fayre

Bridal fayres are ideal for brides-to-be’s to visit while planning their wedding and even better for those in the wedding business hoping to gain orders with the cost of booking a table that can sometimes run into hundreds of pounds.

Forty seven year old Karen Tucker realised there was money to be made when she set up a scam for a fake bridal show and took thousands of pounds from over two hundred small businesses.

Her professional looking web-page and networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter made statements that the wedding fayre to be held in Boston during March 2010 would attract thousands of brides-to-be and wedding vendors across the country were convinced they would do well at the convention centre and paid fees through a booking agency for tables they would never get.

Last week Karen Tucker was sentenced to five years in jail after being found guilty of wire fraud as well as identity theft while knowingly swindling exhibitors and commercial advertisers.

Wedding Package Paid from Online Coupon

When Lucie Glenny clicked on an online coupon and paid £2,000 for a wedding package her family and friends were scared she had lost her money to a clever scam and their dream wedding would have to be moved back to save up again.

Even her fiancé, twenty eight year old Patrick thought she was mad but it was not long before Lucie convinced him it was all above aboard as the voucher arrived the next day stated she has purchased a wedding package at a stunning country house only twenty five miles away from where they lived.

The package was for a sit down meal for fifty day-time guests and a buffet for seventy in the evening.  A wedding planner helped the couple chose a menu, music and decorations and Champagne and Pimms was included as well as a one night booking in the bridal suite.

Family and friends soon rallied round when they found out it was only a matter of weeks before the wedding was to take place and invitations, cake and flowers were made and donated which helped keep the wedding cost down even further.

Lucie even managed to find another coupon to get her nails professionally done as well as a photographer, leaving them with just the four hundred pounds for her wedding dress to find. 

The newlyweds firmly believe they saved at least eight thousand pounds for their dream wedding and it turned out to be the best day of their lives.

The online coupon was from the Groupon discount ­website where bargains can be found on a daily basis and this bargain hunting Bride certainly found hers on the right day!

Bride Gets Married with Posy of Police Officers

When Bride-to-be Stacey Roberts found out that a race rally was going to be held the same day as her wedding date she decided that six months of planning was not going to count for nothing and proceeding ahead with her special day.

As thirty one year old Stacey exchanged wedding vows with partner, thirty six year old Mark at the Rochdale Town Hall the outside area was full of chaos as police officers tried to keep the demonstrators and supporters under control.

Instead of soft music and wedding bells the couple said their vows over the sounds of a police helicopter hovering overhead and dogs barking.  At one point they did not hear what the registrar was saying and had to ask him to speak louder.

When exiting the town hall the wedding party was met with sarcastic wolf whistles and comments and one of Stacey’s children was so frightened by it all and ended up shaking with fear.

Their outside photographs will always be a constant reminder of their day being spoiled with police and demonstrating crowds all in the background.

During the demonstration that was not unlike a battle zone, the police made thirty four arrests from the six hundred English Defence League supporters and one hundred counter-demonstrators.

Newlyweds Stacey and Mark have now been offered compensation of up to one thousand pounds by the council who has stated they were powerless to prevent the demonstration.

Bournemouth for Beach Weddings

Bournemouth could become the first coastal resort in England and Wales to host beach weddings, it has emerged.

For couples that dream of beach weddings but find their budget does not stretch to going abroad may soon find themselves with a choice much closer and cheaper if Bournemouth’s tourist department are giving planning permission to build a cream ‘chapel’ hut.

Mark Smith who is the spokesperson for the well visited Dorset town told the Guardian newspaper they felt it is a good time to introduce ‘UK weddings on the beach’ to help the rising costs of foreign travel and wedding abroad.

The ‘chapel’ would be used to hold the beach wedding ceremonies in and a selection of luxury hotels situated on the clifftops would be offered as venues to hold the receptions in.

Unlike Scotland where open air weddings are legal, England and Wales have to marriages and civil partnerships inside a permanent structure and with Bournemouth’s sandy beaches and palm trees that stretch for seven miles would be ideal and cost effective for a lot of couples.

Once planning permission has been given work will commence and be finished in time for the wedding season in May.

Bizarre Wedding Merchandise for Royal Wedding

Royal wedding merchandise is selling faster than hot cakes in the lead up to the wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton from plates, mugs and coins to the bizarre and over the top sick bags!

The market has been saturated and retailers and manufacturers are estimating profits will run into millions of pounds worldwide

Practically everything on the shelves has been stamped with pictures of the couple and/or the union jack flag and now B&Q have produced a pair of royal gnomes in time for the wedding celebrations.

The ‘royal’ garden gnomes will be on sale from the middle of April for £12.98 each (or £20 for the pair) and they are to be dressed in full wedding outfits topped off with a union flag pointed hat.

For those already fed up with the royal wedding sick bags for £3 in either red or blue have already been on sale.  A drawing of Prince William and Kate Middleton with the slogan ‘Throne Up’ is on every bag and demand was so high for the royal sick bags that the limited edition sold out in its first week.

Most Expensive Wedding in History Criticised

Lalit Tanwar and Yogita Jaunapuria’s wedding has been highly criticised by senior members of India’s Congress Party because of the amount of money that has been spent by the bride’s father Kanwar Singh Tanwar.

The Delhi businessman’s declared wealth is believed to be over twenty million pounds and claims that his daughter’s wedding may be the most expensive known in history has ruffled quite a few feathers after Sonia Gandhi had pleaded to party members to cut back on spending during a corruption scandal.

A tent palace and a Bell 429 helicopter was among the gifts Kanwar Singh gave to his new son-in-law at the wedding where over eighteen thousand guests were offered a choice of  over a hundred different dishes by over a thousand waiters as well as thirty different deserts.

Gifts of shawls, suit of clothes, silver coins and money were handed out to each guest during the lavish and expensive wedding that could well have cost from between fourteen to thirty million pounds

Bride-To-Be Starts Campaign on Facebook for Fiancé to Set Date

For ten years thirty one year old Kelly Coxhead has been trying to get her partner to set a wedding date and each time a date was decided, unforeseeable circumstances meant a wedding never took place.

Fiancé Paul Mapplethorpe gave dinner lady Kelly a challenge that if she managed to attract a million users on the worldwide networking website Facebook he would marry her.

Just a few short weeks ago Kelly opened up a page on Facebook and named it “I need one million people to join for Paul to marry me – come on guys help me!” and the well wishes flew in from all over the world

Despite the page only attracting 58,000 members, Paul has agreed on a date of 11/11/11 because Kelly felt it was an easy date to remember.

The networking website has now taken down the page with no explanation to Kelly who is now in contact with Facebook to ascertain why it was removed.

Bride is Married in Hospital as her Mother Battles Cancer

When sixty four year old Patricia heard that Ken has proposed to her daughter Amy she was only too happy to help with the wedding planning and had soon sorted out the bridesmaids dresses, tested the food and even handmade all the  flower arrangements.

The wedding had been planned down to the last detail and one hundred and fifty guests had been invited but then the breast cancer that Patricia had been fighting for years spread to her liver and she had to go into hospital for a blood transfusion after getting anaemic and short of breath.

The doctor’s told her family to contact family relatives who rushed to be at her bedside.  Thankfully Patricia’s condition improved and  survived the weekend and it was decided to bring the wedding forward to ensure she would see her daughter getting married.

In the small chapel at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital in Melrose Park Amy and Michael exchanged their wedding vows after travelling fifteen hours from Longview in Texas.

Thirty three year old Amy said that her mom had been so looking forward to the wedding and spoke of hardly anything else and she had practically organised the whole wedding for her and fiancee Michael.  If her mom was unable to be at the wedding Amy said it would have been hard to get through it.