Bride, Father of the Bride and Five Bridesmaids all Pile on Local Bus

From a horse and carriage  to a tractor, many Brides have opted from the more traditional way of travelling to their wedding ceremony to the unusual and bizarre, and twenty five year old Eve Lewis was no different when she used her local bus that stopped right outside her family home.

Passengers on the number 57 route watched as the Bride, her father and five bridesmaids all piled onto the bus which thankfully got them on time to the church that was in the Royal Marine’s Lympstone training base.

Her father who is in the Royal Marines had to get special permission to board the bus from the Stagecoach Company as he would be wearing his full uniform complete with ceremonial sword.

Thankfully the Bride and her five bridesmaids all dressed in pink were able to find vacant seats and the passengers were thrilled to be a part of the big day.

Trish who is student nurse at college in Manchester thought it would be fun and has always liked to do things just that little bit different and the savings of hiring a wedding car made it all so much better!

Newlyweds Mr and Mrs Michaela Moulton-Brady from Devon decided to take the plane to Marrakesh, Morocco for their honeymoon.

Author - Pauline


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