No Wedding Gifts for Russell Brand and Katy Perry

British comedian Russell Brand and American Pop star Katy Perry have asked family and friends to not buy them lavish wedding presents when they get married later this month in India.

The couple say they feel it is indulgent to ask for things when they already have so much and would rather money went to more needier causes.

The showbiz couple are planning on a small intimate wedding with keeping all the traditional touches such as having the first dance and the wedding breakfast.

Russell will not have any alcoholic at his wedding reception since he turned teetotal a while back and even his stag night was a mild one in regards to his past ‘wild’ days.

We wish the couple a magical and happy day and many years of ‘happy ever after’.

Bride Marries in Family Church

Sophie Holt-Wilson and Adam Chappell were married in a church that had once belonged to Sophie’s family over three hundred years ago and has been closed for the past five years after being declared pastorally redundant.

The bride is a direct descendent of Sir John Holt who was the Lord Chief Justice for King William III and Queen Mary II in the Seventeenth century and the Church of St Mary was built by the Abbots of the Benedictine Abbey of St Edmundsbury in the Fourteenth century.

Sophie and Adam exchanged their vows in front of family and friends in what was a ‘one off’ wedding ceremony and the couple felt very privileged to get married in the church that is only used six times a year for Sunday worships and funerals.  Special permission had to be applied for them to get married in the church.

While the bells that had been silent for five years were ringing out the newlyweds were driven to their family home reception in Redgrave on a tractor.

Earlier this year the church of St Mary made the headlines when a woman fell through the floor and coffins belonging to the Holt family were discovered.

Couples Want to Get Married on 10-10-10

Toronto’s City Hall wedding chamber is fully booked on this magical and lucky day to get married on.  Brides and Grooms-to-be have made doubly sure that they got the date booking and planned well in advance to secure this coveted date!

The ‘coolness’ of the 10-10-10 number on wedding paperwork is another reason these couples are going crazy to be wed at this time.

Normally the wedding chamber is closed on Sundays but with bookings being in such high demand they have decided to open its doors to perform the twenty two weddings that have been booked. 

To cope with the wall-to-wall couples on the day, City Hall have moved to a different venue situated in a hotel across the road.

It is not only in Toronto that Brides and Grooms are scrambling for last minute finds as Registry Offices all over Canada and even Shanghai are reporting a high number of bookings.

The last time so many people got married on a ‘lucky’ number date was on the seventh day of the seventh month during 1977 (7-7-77).  This date was linked to luck and divine intervention!

X Factor Theme Wedding

Although Neil Pigdon was unsuccessful in being picked to go through to boot camp in last year’s X Factor he did come out a winner by meeting Yvonne Morris from Barmouth and now the couple are busy planning their wedding.

Yvonne had gone along to the auditions to support her friend and was in front of Neil in the queue. Neil offered to take a picture of Yvonne and her friend with Dermot O’Leary and she gave Neil her phone number so he could text the picture.

Just a month later they met up for their first date and now they are getting married next month.

The couple’s theme is based around the hit show X Factor with an open mic night for those that want to get up and sing and their friends are going to sing a special rendition of Alexandra Burke’s Hallelujah which took her to number one in the chart.

All the tables at the reception are to be named after the X Factor judges and Neil, who’s moved up to the seaside town to be with Yvonne has settled very much into the music scene in Barmouth and made lots of musician friends who will play a big part in their X Factor wedding.

First Wedding in Cave on Remote Island of Rona

Andy Taylor and Jaclyn Harbot, both from Westhoughton are to exchange their wedding vows in a cave on the isle of Rona after falling in love with it when they were on holiday last November.

The underground venue known as Church Cave was once used by the former inhabitants of the islands to worship in and Rona, whose population is just two (although there are holiday homes), is situated between the Scottish mainland and the Skye.

It is believed to be the first wedding that has taken place on the island that once had a population of two hundred and forty back in 1988.  The last family to leave Rona was in the late 1940’s.

The couple, family and friends along with the Minister Donald MacDonald will catch the boat from Skye to arrive at Rona.

The isle of Rona was purchased for two hundred and fifty thousand pounds from the UK government in 1993 by the Jensen Foundation for ecology projects.

Workmen Fix Road Outside Bride’s Home

A perfect wedding day should begin with the Bride opening her bedroom window curtains to see the sun shining on the streets outside, the birds singing in the trees and a huge smile across her face.  One Bride from Surrey was quite rightly very concerned about her wedding day plans when workman began to resurface the road outside of her house right before her big day!

Thirty year old occupational therapist, Anita Longman from Sanderstead in Croydon became anxious when the workmen began tearing up the road outside.  She had doubts about her wedding transport being able to collect her on the day and that her dress would be ruined as she walked to the car.

Croydon Council, after hearing about the Bride-to-be’s dilemma ordered the workmen to speed the job along after they had suffered a number of delays.  Flood lights were set up and the twenty men worked into the night for an extra six hours in order to complete their work.

Thanks to the workmen’s hard work, Anita and her partner, thirty one year old pharmacist Nick Cooley were married without any hitches at the All Saints Church in Warlingham following which they spent their honeymoon down under in Australia.  The newlyweds and their family were grateful to the workmen and the Council for putting in such a good effort.

Seamstress Saves the Day

As a blushing Bride made her way to her wedding ceremony, she accidently ripped her dress and a seamstress who happened to be passing by fixed it for her enabling the Bride to carry on with her wedding but now the Bride is anxious to thank her personally!

Forty year old Loretta Atkinson from Biggar in Scotland was travelling to the Peebles Registry Office to marry her partner Steven Ward but as she got out of the car she tripped and the back of her dress was ripped.  It was not noticed however until a passer by mentioned it and luckily, this person was a qualified seamstress.   Even more amazingly lucky, this person, who was called Alex, had some sewing equipment within her bag and sewed up the dress then and there.

Steven and Loretta have been together for seven years and as Loretta’s tear was being fixed, Steven was waiting patiently in the Registry Office for his Bride-to-be getting more concerned with each passing minute until the registrar informed Steven of the situation going on outside.

Loretta thanked Alex for her help and she was given a pin to ‘borrow’ and she continued on with her special day while Alex is believed to have travelled to London.  Loretta now wants to show her appreciation and placed a picture of Alex fixing her dress in a local paper on the off chance that someone will recognise her and pass along her contact details.

Bride and Groom Met at Their Own Christenings

Don’t you just love the stories that you hear about old married couples who have been together for what seems like forever.  Perhaps they met when they were teenagers and fell in love and haven’t been parted since, or maybe they met many moons ago as young children and didn’t find each other again till decades later!

These types of stories truly tug at your heart strings and for one couple in Wolverhampton, they have a wonderful story to pass onto their future generations after they realised that they had met once before when they were babies, at their own christenings.

Twenty eight years ago in St Bartholomew’s Church located in Wolverhampton, Katie Price and Adam Woodall were being christened; little did the pair know that they would be married at the same church years later.

It wasn’t until eighteen years later that the couple re-met and their past began to link up and Katie’s parents confirmed that she and Adam shared the same font.  The couple’s previous connections were mentioned a number of times during the speeches!

Family Members Shot by Accident at Wedding

A Turkish wedding tradition went horribly wrong last month when during the gunshot firing, some of the Groom’s family members were accidently shot and killed!

To make this tragedy doubly horrific, the deaths were caused by the Groom himself as it is the tradition that the Groom is to fire a series of five shots in the air in celebration of his wedding. 

During the wedding in Akcogaze in Southern Turkey, it is believed that the Groom, Tevfik Altin was using an AK-47 when he lost control and shot around ten people, three of whom died later after being taken to hospital.  Following the shootings, the distraught Groom was arrested straight away and wedding guests reported that because it all happened so fast there was nothing that could be done.

The family members who were killed were the Groom’s father and two of his aunties and some of the injured guests included a couple of teenagers and a ten year old child.

This accepted tradition is also used during some sporting ceremonies and despite the deaths and injuries that have been caused over the years, its practice is not likely to be banned although they are enforcing more severe punishments when things go wrong.

Groom Celebrates Anniversary in Same Suit

Most people will strive to stay fit and healthy as they grow older and some Brides would love to be able to fit into their wedding dress again but alas for some of us, it just never happens but for one Groom from Cheshire he managed to stay in such good shape that years after his wedding he could still fit into the suit that he wore at his own wedding!

Sixty three year old Peter Coppock married his wife Enid in September 1970 and this month they are celebrating their Ruby wedding anniversary.  The couple from Northwich in Cheshire, after forty years of marriage claim that the reason behind Peter’s trim figure staying the way it has all these years is because they never purchased a car and preferred to walk everywhere.

Peter bought his suit from Bratts, a local store where he worked as a salesman at the time for a cost of just three pounds and it fitted his thirty two inch waist perfectly, and still does!

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