Plane Crashes When Bride Threw her Bouquet

jac10You see it in movies or on TV programs showing home clips where the bride throws the bouquet and unwillingly it hits a ceiling fan and scatters into thousands of pieces or it accidently knocks over the wedding cake etc, but for one bride in Italy this throwing tradition caused a plane to crash.

The newlyweds and their guests were enjoying the reception at Montioni Park in Suvereto which is in western Tuscany when a plane the bride and groom had hired flew above their heads. 

The plan was that the single women would stand in a line while forty four year old Isidoro Pensiere threw out her bouquet to them from the plane. 

Unfortunately, as the flowers were thrown out of the plane, they were sucked into the engine and the plane caught fire.  The plane plummeted into a nearby field located near to a hostel which was occupied by over fifty guests at the time but luckily, none of those on the ground were hurt.  Even Luciano Nannelli, the pilot of the plane survived uninjured.

Isidoro however fractured both of her legs and suffered with head injuries and was treated at a Pisa hospital.

Vicar Helps Out Couple after Theft

A couple from Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire lost their Celtic wedding rings along with the cash which was for the wedding ceremony at a local store but their vicar agreed to marry them as planned without payment.

Jane Walker and Adrian Wadey were married at All Saints Church in Huntingdon by the Rev. Andrew Milton on Saturday 11th July 2009.

Just a few days before the wedding, while browsing Marks & Spencer in Peterborough the couple were carrying a blue and silver bag which contained an envelope with over two hundred pounds inside and a box carrying their gold wedding rings worth four hundred and fifty pounds.  The staff within the store searched for the bag but it was not found.

Adrian and Jane were extremely concerned that they may have to postpone or cancel their wedding until they could get the money together again but the vicar agreed to sort payment out after the ceremony had taken place.

Family and friends pulled money together for replacement rings and after contacting BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and making an appeal on the air, the rings were surprisingly received through the post at the couple’s home the morning of the wedding.  The money was not returned.

Even though the money was not returned, it must have been a nice surprise to at least have their wedding rings back!

Groom and Parents Jailed after Fake Injury Claim

A groom and his parents from Old Trafford in Manchester, after giving false information about an accident they had been involved in on the day of his wedding in order to claim compensation, were charged recently and are to serve a year each in jail.

Twenty six year old Andrew Singh along with his fifty three year old dad Graham and forty nine year old mum Niramella were travelling in one of two Hollins Travel coaches going to Andrew’s wedding in Preston in July 2004 when the buses crashed.

A Detective Constable from the Greater Manchester Police, Chris Harrison confirmed that one of the coaches hit a wall at the reception venue while the other was in a collision with a car.  Apart from one of the drivers, no one suffered any serious injuries.

The Singh’s tried to sue the travel company at the civil courts for over four thousand pounds claiming whiplash injuries and even submitted a tape to prove that they were on the bus during the crash.  A video taken at the wedding showed them after the accident dancing around energetically.

Their case was dismissed and they were fined court costs of over seventy thousand pounds each.  The Crown Prosecution Service became involved when the case was given to the Director of Public Prosecutions where it was decided that the Singh’s should be charged.

The trio admitted conspiracy to defraud and perjury at Manchester Crown Court.

Their claims could have destroyed a small travel company, all because they wanted to earn a few pennies by lying and making false accusations.

Give Up Smoking and Get Your Wedding for Free

A competition is underway in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia as an incentive for people to give up their smoking habit.  A charity based in the Saudi capital has been offering free weddings to those who can stop smoking.  All their wedding expenses will be paid by the charity and the incentive is being based at mainly young men.

In many Arab countries, the groom is responsible for paying for the whole wedding which can sometimes mean that a man will not get married until later in life until he has saved enough money.  With almost seven million smokers in Saudi Arabia, this competition has created a wide range of opinions from chauvinistic to undervaluing of marriage.  A charity spokesman has stated that the competition is aimed to create healthier and smoke free families.

They have had a very big response to the competition with literally hundreds of men interested in participating.  One man even contemplated starting smoking just so that he could enter the competition.

Entrants will have to complete a course over a seven day period in order to stop smoking.  The competition runs until August when the winner will be announced and another twenty competitors will receive furniture as runner up prizes.

By stopping smoking, money you would have spent on cigarettes could go towards a wedding!

Couple’s Reception is Double Booked

Unfortunately it can happen; you have all your plans made only to find out that part of your day has been double booked.  For newlyweds Tim Manners and his bride-to-be Jayne Ingleheart, this was the situation they found themselves in but with an awful twist.  The person they had booked the venue with not only stole their one thousand pound deposit but in fact did not even keep a record of their booking.

A month before the wedding, thirty three year old Jayne was calling the Riviera hotel in Weymouth for confirmation when she was told that they had no record of the booking.  Family members who had booked overnight rooms at the hotel were also being informed that they had no bookings for the night.  Jayne and Tim from Portland were understandably distressed when they found out that they would have to search for a new venue location, especially at such short notice.

After being married at St Andrew’s Church in Preston the reception was able to go ahead as thankfully the couple were able to book the Rembrandt hotel on such short notice.

Forty seven year old Karen Warr, (ex)manager of the Riviera hotel had also double booked receptions for other couples leaving them without venues.  Karen was charged with theft and pleaded guilty on four charges.  She received a suspended sentence and a large fine which was paid to the hotel as the Riviera had honoured its bookings.

Alls well that ends well but what a terrible position for these couples!

Bride and Groom Jailed for Manslaughter

A newlywed couple from Plymouth have been charged and jailed for manslaughter after killing a man the day after their wedding reception.

Wendy Shobrook and Barry Johnson celebrated their wedding reception on 9th June 2008 at the Waterfront restaurant in Plymouth.  During the ceremony and after a few too many drinks, the couple had a row and Wendy left and met up with Mr Auchterlonie who she had a previous relationship with.  She did return to the reception but argued again with Barry so left, after trying to set fire to Barry while he was still in bed, to spend the night with Mr Auchterlonie who was a father of four.

The next morning, Wendy called Barry and informed him that Mr Auchterlonie had attempted to rape her following which Barry attacked him leaving him bleeding and with over thirty injuries.  The couple left him lying in his own blood and he was not found for three days.

The couple’s wedding was described by Judge Francis Gilbert as a total nightmare.  Wendy and Barry, who are both forty, originally denied the charges of murder but were found guilty at Plymouth Crown Court.  Wendy got five years in jail and Barry received a total of twelve years.

Boy with no Legs Attends Parent’s Wedding

84925728759358f74b6765d8af0eae56012089b9307fa9c48b197fe7162292f4fb4d1d69As the bride and groom walked proudly down the aisle, they were accompanied by their two year old son who just last year was extremely poorly and was now walking with them on his new prosthetic legs.

Jill Graham and Wayne Jones from Bowburn in County Durham finally wed at the Old Elvet Methodist Church in Durham City after having to cancel their wedding last year when just a week before, their son Robbie fell ill with meningitis.  He was taken to hospital where he spent the next seven weeks recovering but the illness resulted in the loss of both of his legs, one just underneath the knee and the other just above it along with the loss of some of the ends of his fingers.

Just one year on from his terrible illness and Robbie was walking once again with his new legs.  Thirty six year old Wayne commented that the day was amazing and that Robbie had battled hard to be with them.  Jill who is twenty eight said that they wanted Robbie with them on the day they god married and they were both very proud of him on the day.

I am sure the service was extremely emotional for everyone, what a brave little man!

Too Slim Bride Finally Gets Wed

Green Guide to WeddingsA woman from Burnley who had always been unhappy with her slim frame didn’t think she would ever get married but after sixteen years with her partner she finally tied the knot.

Thirty three year old Jenette Nolan and Kevin Ingham who is forty four, have been together a long time but Jenette was not prepared to walk down the aisle until she had gained some weight.  She had always considered herself to be too slim and even resorted to appearing on the ‘Supersize v’s Superskinny’ reality show on Channel 4 where she put on 2lbs.     

The newlyweds were married in front of over a hundred of their friends and family at St Mary Magdalene’s Church.  The couple have two children together, eleven year old Jessica and five year old Olivia who were bridesmaid and flower girl respectively.  Jenette was given away by her mum Jennifer Aspinall and her step father Willie Carruthers and Jennifer commented that as Jenette walked down the aisle in her ivory dress she looked just like a beautiful princess.

The reception was held in Burley at the Masonic Hall after which the family headed off to Disneyland Paris for their honeymoon.

Jenette is no longer as conscious about her size eight frame and believes she should be grateful for all the good things she has in her life.

Wedding Saved by Bankers in Blackburn

A man from Blackburn, on the day before his wedding, was dealing with some banking business when he took a funny turn and it was the quick thinking actions of bank staff that saved his wedding!

Fifty eight year old, groom-to-be Paul Whitney from Waddington had found out the day before that he had a blood clot in his lungs (a pulmonary embolism) but as he seemed well enough he was allowed to go home.  Paul, a company director, started to feel a bit poorly while making his way to the Skipton Building Society and on reaching the branch he began to have trouble getting his breath and was in obvious pain.

The girls within the bank sat Paul down and provided him with painkillers and water after one of the girls, Michelle Riddehough the bank’s customer advisor, went to the local chemist for him.  Paula Hall, the bank’s mortgage adviser stated that they all knew Mr Whitney and that they were concerned for him as he was terribly pale.

Paul’s fiancée, fifty three year old Kathleen, helped by Wesley Seale the bank’s financial adviser, located their car and drove to the bank to pick Paul up from the front of the building.  Kathleen took Paul directly to the Royal Blackburn Hospital where they were informed that as he had been given the painkillers, a potentially emergency situation had been avoided.  Had he worsened, Paul would have missed his own wedding as he would have had to have been admitted.

Paul took the girls some flowers and a thank you card for saving his wedding day.

Wedding Ring found using Metal Detectors

Wedding Ring and HandsThirty seven year old David Ward, a chartered accountant from Carlisle in Cumbria, was worried when he discovered that he had lost his wedding ring on a rugby pitch.  Fearing that he would not get it back, he enlisted the help of Victor Wright and his metal detector.

David, who is also a rugby coach at the Carlisle Rugby Club for the under sevens, was attending a rugby match at Penrith Rugby Club when he realised his ring was missing.  He was attending a RFU coaching session at the club which was due to span over two days and had lost the ring early on in the session.  He began searching for the ring during his lunch breaks and even got the team lads to give him a hand.  He recalled putting the ring into one of his pockets and now realises that was a mistake, particularly when he couldn’t find the ring, even after hours of searching, and had to go home to tell his wife Amanda.  Amanda apparently took the news well and told her husband it was a silly thing to do.

David, not wanting to give up, placed an ad in a local newspaper.  Seventy five year old Victor responded to the ad and he and David, each carrying a metal detector, searched the pitch for two hours solid.  They found plenty of boot studs and then finally the detector found the ring.

David and Amanda were overjoyed at finding the wedding ring and could not thank Victor enough.  Victor would not accept a reward for his help.

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