Manslaughter Charge after Wedding Guest Dies

shattered-heartAt the beginning of the month, a man was charged with manslaughter after a wedding guest was assaulting and subsequently died as a result of his injuries.

Twenty six year old Michael Pennington from Ashton-under-Lyne in Manchester was attending the wedding of his cousin in Flint, North Wales at the Mountain Park Hotel and Country Club. During the reception, he was involved in an altercation with Gavin Jackson and Michael sustained severe head injuries during the fight after it was believed he was head butted and also hit his head on the floor and unfortunately, even though the emergency services were called to his aid, Michael died the next day in the Countess of Chester Hospital.

It is believed that Michael and Gavin, who owns his own garage, were dating sisters. Michael leaves behind a son. Forty four year old Gavin from Stockport in Greater Manchester has been charged with manslaughter and will be going to trial later in the year.

Dumped on Wedding Day

12-spring-flowers.jpgNo bride wants to be jilted at the altar and nor do they expect to get married only for their new husband to run off hours later and not return!

Thirty six year old Jennifer Babar, a bank worker from Falkirk in Scotland met Pakistan born twenty eight year old Nauman through a friend and not long after, Jennifer fell pregnant. Jennifer stated that Nauman tried to persuade her to get rid of the baby and even stayed away from her until after their son was born. Their son was a month old before he came to visit and then he would not hold or look at the baby.

Jennifer added that Nauman became a frequent visitor to their house and that Nauman, who is a student apparently persuaded Jennifer to marry him stating that his visa was due to run out and that he wanted to stay in Scotland. Jennifer says that she married him so that they could be a family together as he had stated a promise of support for them and their son. This never happened and Jennifer is claiming that she was duped into getting married, all because he wanted a British visa.

None of Nauman’s family came to the wedding ceremony held in the Edinburgh Registry Office as he claimed they could not know about the marriage as Jennifer was not a Muslim. Just one month before his visa ran out, the pair were married and afterwards, the groom went off for a jog and did not return home for a week.

The couple have now been married for over eighteen months and Jennifer claims that she has been abandoned by her husband who only wanted her for a visa. Nauman has denied these claims and states that he does in fact want to see his son even if Jennifer wants a divorce.

Couple Have Race Named After their Wedding

buttonholeMost couples enjoy their wedding day so much and want to remember their special day that they have a memory or guest book where people sign and add comments about what they enjoyed on the day. One couple from Acton in London celebrated their wedding by having a horse race named after their wedding day!

Yvonne Doyle and David Welch had their wedding ceremony at Epsom Downs Racecourse along with a sumptuous reception overlooking the finishing line of the course in The Queen’s Stand.

The race was called ‘Mr & Mrs Welch’s Wedding Celebration Handicap’ and the horse they bet on was called ‘We Have a Dream’. Disappointingly, the horse only came in second but the couple did not let their loss put a damper on the day and as the newlyweds were sponsors of the race, Yvonne was given the honour of picking out the Best Turned Out horse and not surprisingly, she chose We Have a Dream!

Yvonne and David also had the privilege of awarding the owners of the winning horse ‘Idle Power’ a trophy from within the Winners Circle.

Cliff Fall after Proposal

atumn-bouquet1.jpgAfter receiving a proposal of marriage, all brides, and of course grooms, want to be blown away by either the passion or location or the overall episode of a proposal. What they do not want is for one of them to become injured during all the excitement and certainly not for the bride to be to fall off a nearby cliff!

A couple from Maryland in the States were hiking along the Potomac River up the Billy Goat Trail hoping to catch some stunning views when the boyfriend decided that the time was right to pop the big question.

The girlfriend agreed and in her enthusiasm managed to fall over the edge of the ten foot cliff. The distressed boyfriend was able to call 911 and a helicopter was dispatched to their location by the US Park Police.

Although the bride was knocked out by the fall she thankfully only suffered with some minor injuries.

Bride Spent Wedding Night in Jail

Wedding Ring and HandsA Swansea wine bar was the location of an assault on a doorman by a bride who was celebrating her wedding reception and who consequently spent her wedding night in jail.

After attending their Civil Partnership Ceremony at Swansea Registry Office, forty year old Sharon Hutin and her partner, Nicola partied at the Champers Wine Bar till just before midnight. They and their guests did not want the evening to end and following a disagreement with the doormen who had tried to move the party along, Sharon allegedly hit the doorman with the heel of her shoe.

The police were called in to break up the altercation where they arrested Ms Hutin and after being forced into a police van, she was subsequently taken to the police station where she would spend the night locked in one of their cells.

The bouncer was treated at hospital for his injuries.

It was reported that many people were drinking even before the civil ceremony and following the disturbance, many of the guests have now been banned from the bar.

Married with Broken Leg

garterA bride-to-be from County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland, the night before her wedding, fell and broke her leg but this did not stop her from attending her wedding the next day!

Twenty nine year old Sharon Wilson was organising the decoration of her wedding reception and while hanging up some flowers she lost her footing and broke her left leg in two places.

After being taken to Erne Hospital the doctors informed Sharon that she would require surgery on the leg at Altnagelvin Area Hospital but Sharon insisted that she attend her wedding and asked if the operation could be postponed. After much discussion, doctors agreed and Sharon left the hospital in plaster with the operation scheduled a few days later.

The wedding reception was held near Kesh on Lusty Beg Island and determined Sharon used crutches to shuffle her way up the aisle. She even used a wheelchair to enable her to dance the first dance with her new husband, Gareth Hunter. Despite the pain that Sharon must have been in, everyone had a thoroughly good day.

Sharon, who is a nurse, and Gareth had a trip round the world planned for their honeymoon but unfortunately they had to cancel.

Platinum Wedding Anniversary Couple

churchA couple from Ickford in Kent have celebrated an amazing seventy years of marriage together!

Ninety four year old Marie Jenkinson and her husband Edward who is an incredible one hundred years old met through some family friends and were attracted to each other after finding out that they shared an interest in folk dancing. The couple were married in West Wickham in 1939 and within days of being married the Second World War was declared and they had to cut their Dartmouth honeymoon short. Although it turned out to be a false alarm, they experienced an air raid on the first day in their new home.

During the war, Edward worked in London as a fire-fighter after which he continued his career as a professor at Oxford Brookes. Marie was a semi professional potter as well as a teacher for primary school children and she enjoys nothing more than playing the piano, especially on special occasions and at parties.

While the couple did not have any children of their own, they raised their niece Dorothy Oxley when in 1945, at just fourteen years old she lost both of her parents.

The couple enjoyed a party in Thame at The Spread Eagle Hotel and were thrilled to receive a card from the Queen which confirmed their platinum anniversary as they themselves were unsure which one it was.

After that many anniversaries it is understandable that people could forget them but what a lovely heart-warming story!

Let Down by Wedding Supplier

2008_0916ourwedding0029Unless you are one of the lucky few, most couples encounter minor difficulties during the preparation of their wedding. For a few couples in Desborough however, they have been let down by their local wedding supplier.

Smedley Creations on Station Road in Desborough has closed down with no prior notice. The doors are locked, the website has closed down and the company is no longer returning calls. They have cheques worth hundreds of pounds which they have held on to and cashed.

Giles and Claire Smith were informed after their honeymoon that the damage deposit they had paid for the chair covers was being withheld and Leyla Stevenson and her fiancé Neil Goffage have been cheated out of over three hundred pounds for chair covers that will no longer be supplied. Another bride-to-be, Jo Dangerfield has also paid almost four hundred pounds for her wedding in September but has been unable to get in touch with the company for over a month now.

The ex-Director of the company, Sarah Wright had recently resigned. This has left James Wright, her husband as the sole director of the now ‘high risk’ company. They have made no comment about the recent events.

Boathouse Reception

A bride and groom from Northumberland celebrated their wedding reception in a building which is close to their hearts, their local Lifeboat House.

Thirty six year old Mike Calvert married his bride, Sharon Philip who is thirty three, at Alnwick Registry Office following which they celebrated their reception at the Boulmer Lifeboat House. It was the first time that the boathouse had been used for such an occasion and the couple, keen to add an original twist into their wedding, ensured that the house looked the part. Claire Bowron, who helps to organise barbeques and other events at the boathouse, said that when the tables and chairs were all set up the venue looked just perfect.

Mike and Sharon have both been volunteering at the Boulmer Volunteer Rescue Service for a year and the couple, instead of asking for wedding presents, in the hopes of raising more than five hundred pounds, asked their guests to donate money to the Rescue Service.

Bridal Gown Found on Roadside

expensive-wedding-dressSomewhere in Lincoln County in Wisconsin, USA there could be a very unhappy bride without a dress to wear on her wedding day!

On the 18th of August, an employee of the Highway’s Department, Mr Stanley Gustafson, was driving along Highway 51 in Bradley when he saw a package in the road which the other cars were swerving around. He stopped to inspect the box and found inside a bridal gown. He believes that the box may have fallen off a trunk rather than discarded on purpose and has not taken the dress out of the box.

During his nineteen years of service to the department Mr Gustafson has only ever found rubbish along the side of the road, certainly never anything as valuable as a wedding dress. A local bridal shop owner suggested that as the dress was in a box already that perhaps it had been put in there for safe keeping after the wedding had taken place.

The dress is currently being held in Tomahawk at the Lincoln County Highway Department shop and advertisements to find the missing bride are being distributed locally.

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